BMW M7 to come out in 2015



I know of some people who have always wondered why we don’t have the BMW M7. Now, the Audi A8 offers you an option of having a W12 engine and we have AMG for those who want a S Class on steroids. However, the only option for having the flagship Bimmer sedan with supercar rivaling performance is to go for the Alpina B7 or the unofficial M7 as it is popularly known as.

Regulars here might remember that we reported in detail when it emerged that BMW M division is considering a M version of the 7-Series.

Now, the recent development on this is that the M version of the BMW 7-series sedan will be introduced to the world in 2015. The car will be powered by a 500bhp supercharged 4.0 liter V8 motor and will come with a lot of ‘aero’ bits and slightly different styling. The car will be named as BMW 770i and will make use of lightweight materials like aluminium for construction. .The 770i will also have ceramic disc brakes, performance exhaust system with four end pipes and lightweight 20 inch alloy wheels. All this will mean that the M7 will be about 200kgs lighter than the current 7 series sedan.


Note- The image shown is of Alpina B7 


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