BMW is most valuable global car brand

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I might sound like a fanboy here but Bimmers have always excited me to no end. BMW is the only European brand that I rate over the Japs and frankly, it is my fanboyism at work over here. Now, in a development that has surely pleased me to no end, Millward Brown’s BrandZ Top 100 global survey shows that BMW has overtaken Toyota as the most valued automotive brand in the world.

It is being said that the former leader Toyota moved to second because of the natural disasters that have affected the brand.

Following is a list of values of top 10 automotive brands for the year; as given by the survey.

  1. BMW  : $24.6
  2. Toyota : $21.8
  3. Mercedes : $16.1
  4. Honda: $12.7
  5. Nissan : $9.9
  6. Volkswagen: $8.5
  7. Ford: $7.0
  8. Audi : $4.7
  9. Hyundai : $3.6
  10. Lexus : $3.4

* All values in billions


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