Black Returns! Merc C63 AMG Black revealed.

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Have a lot of Vitamin M? Looking for a sporty drive? C63 AMG isn’t enough and you require something more…umm..hardcore? Guess Merc’s party days are knocking on the door. Those with a week heart are recommended to drift away from this page. For we need to fear the black (and the wicked humor of Merc). Waitamin!! Let me clarify that this is not the new Bajaj Pulsar story.

Mercedes recently revealed the most powerful C-Class ever. This story is about the most aggressive and meanest Mercedes-Benz AMG we may ever meet. First thing that came to my mind is that the car has a really long name- Mercedes Benz C63 AMG Coupe Black Series coupe (PHEW!!). The C63 gets some of its parts from the lethal SLS AMG. The sports car also gets some parts that are new to the AMG series of cars.The new from grounds up suspension boasts of a rear diff-lock. From the SLS comes the ‘feather-light’ crankshaft and the forged pistons. This is not all, the elder brother also donates a large oil cooler. The C63 features the Speedshift MCT 7-speed automatic gearbox which boasts of a ‘race-start’ mode. The C63 AMG BLACK produces a whopping 517 horses (sixty horses more than the ‘non-black’ C63 AMG) and all this means that 100kph gets dismissed  in 4.2 secs.

2012-Mercedes-C63-AMG-Black-Series side profile

Adding to the already long list is track that has been widened by 40mm at front and 79mm towards back respectively. This should aid handling and the car should have an one upmanship over the ‘normal’ C63 AMG. The interiors get an all-black tone with red highlights. As expected from a hardcore sports machine, the rear seats have been given the boot. And the badges now have a ‘black series’ tag added to them.
I cannot wait to see this beauty (or the beast?) on the roads!!

[caption id="attachment_32282" align="alignleft" width="614"]c63 C63-AMG-Black-Series


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