Beamer VS Bimmer? We clear the confusion

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The terminology related to BMW products has always been subjected to misconceptions. People calling their cars a ‘beamer’ is something very common and doing it in front of a well informed person sure leads to a lot of embarrassment. What really surprises is that most of the guys who make this mistake call themselves ‘true blue car enthusiasts.’ Many people have been caught embarrassing themselves by referring to their car as a beamer or beemer. Many BMW car owners proudly declare that they drive a Beamer 5 without having a hint of the fact that a Beamer 5 does not exists.

You might be wondering how BMW vehicles got these titles? Now, BMW has been making two wheelers since long before they plunged into the car production. People had started getting bored of referring to their bikes as BMWs and came up with one of the aforementioned two names. Now, the owners of BMW cars later got this feeling that their BMWs too needed to have a name. Here came the second name.

Now, let us put an end to this Beamer and Bimmer misconception for once and for all.


BMW motorcycles have two names that are pronounced in similar way- Beamer & Beemer. Any BMW product with two wheels is called a Beamer. Some of the ‘car enthusiasts’ out there refer to their BMW cars as Beamers and it sure gives me a laugh. Now, a beamer must have two wheels and a BMW motorcycle with a side car is just that- a BMW sidecar.



Simply speaking, Bimmer always refers to a BMW car . Mind it, car here includes the X5 & other SUVs and any BMW product with 4 wheels. A BMW M3 is a Bimmer M3 and not a Beamer M3 as many of you might call it. Now, as we have mentioned umpteenth number of times, BMW owns the MINI. However, a MINI is NOT a Bimmer. Saying that a MINI is a Bimmer is equivalent of saying that a Tata Indica is a Jag.

Hope this little attempt from us clears the doubts of many.


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