Bajaj’s Tata Nano rival to be unveiled on 3rd January 2012

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3rd January 2012 is set to become an important date in the history of Indian automobile market.Also, it might end up being a big day for Bajaj Auto. If speculations are to be believed, this day will mark the launch of the much anticipated KTM Duke 200. This bike will find itself entering the premium segment of Indian 2 wheelers. While this bike will be a huge boost to the market image of Bajaj, it may be noted that the bike being in the premium segment will be far from being as big a seller as, say, the Pulsar 150. Now, what might still make the day to be really special for Bajaj will be the launch of the Bajaj small car. Yes, we are talking about the same small car that Bajaj was to manufacture for Nissan and Renault. The car’s development started under the name of Ultra Low Cost(ULC) small car project and ever since its inception, the idea has been to rival the Tata Nano.

In 2008, the World saw the unveiling of the Tata Nano at the 2008 Indian Auto Expo and it just managed to pip Bajaj showcasing a prototype of its ULC car.Back then, many thought that the project was on the verge of completion but suddenly, we started seeing some disputes and legal hassles that cropped up and affected the project. We even got some info of the ULC project being axed.











Previously, this car was to be developed by Bajaj Auto and Nissan & Renault would had taken care of the the distribution and sales & service.Now, even if the car does not meet the agreement between the three manufacturers, the car will still be manufactured by Bajaj Auto and might find application as a passenger carrier or load carrier from Bajaj.

Bajaj Ultra Low Cost car will be unveiled at the Taj Palace Hotel in New Delhi on the 3rd of January, 2012. And we are quite excited to see the avatar in which the Bajaj ULC car will find itself in the market.

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