Bajaj working on a faired Pulsar 200NS. Perfect successor to the P220?

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Yet another big announcement to come from the after effects of Bajaj unveiling the 2012 Bajaj Pulsar 200 NS is that Bajaj Auto is busy working on development of a fully faired variant of the recently showcased Pulsar 200 NS.

Now, most of the premium segment bikes (read: Hero ZMR, Yamaha R15, Honda CBR250R) sport a fairing and as per the perception of many, a faired bike needs to be sharper and faster. Several R15 buyers were smitten by the machine only because it ‘looked’ like a race bike. Some still compare the ZMR with the baby CBR because both of them sport a full fairing. Thus, having a fairing seems to be the most quintessential factor to appear cool.

The Pulsar 200NS should also rub shoulders with the upcoming CBR 150R. The good part is that it should be priced considerably lower than both the R15 and the 150R and the 23BHP machine should outrun these two 17 and 18 bhp bikes on the road.

The faired 200NS should be the perfect successor to the fast aging Pulsar 220 DTSi and we are eagerly waiting to swing a leg on the all new Pulsar.

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