Bajaj unveils new range of RE Auto-rickshaws

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Mr. Rajiv Bajaj, MD and Mr. R C Maheshwari, President - CV Bajaj Auto Ltd. with the newly launched RE - Compact

Bajaj Auto – the World’s Largest Manufacturer of 3 Wheelers, unveiled their new range of RE auto rickshaws recently. The company launched RE’Compact’ two-stroke and four-stroke versions powered by Petrol, CNG, and LPG. There would be seven variants on this platform of the new range. The RE’Compact’ Diesel version will be launched a few months later.

The company claims that the new range has been designed for enhanced performance over their current range of passenger three wheelers –

10-15% better fuel efficiency

Improvements in durability leading to much lower maintenance costs

Improvements in reliability and serviceability leading to lesser down time and increased revenue.

Improved ergonomics leading to much greater comfort for the driver and the passengers.

Improved look and style making it contemporary and strong.

Stronger chassis with the use of reinforcements at appropriate locations

Ergonomically designed shift levers and pedals for greater comfort even for tall individuals.

RE ‘Compact’ has been put through customer trials for more than 200 days with over 100 customers. Their responses to the vehicles have been overwhelmingly positive and have validated the improvements over the current range.

RE‘Compact’ will be launched in a phased manner across the country.

Mr. Rajiv Bajaj, MD and Mr. R C Maheshwari, President - CV Bajaj Auto Ltd. at the launch RE - Compact (1)

Mr. R.C. Maheshwari, President – Commercial Vehicles, Bajaj Auto Ltd. said “RE ‘Compact’ is the Small or ‘Compact’ sized Autorickshaw that we see in all our cities, towns and villages. We have around 85% market share in this small sized category – both Gasoline and Diesel.

“The new RE ‘Compact’ range will not only help us defend this overwhelming leadership position but also expand the market size by inducing our existing customers into replacing their old vehicles by these greener, more fuel efficient, more comfortable and more reliable vehicles.

“We estimate that our customers, due to the improvement in fuel efficiency and reduction in maintenance costs, can save, and hence increase their incomes, up to Rs. 20,000=00 per annum by replacing their older vehicles with the RE ‘Compact’.The new RE compact range is very efficient, and offers lesser maintenance and more savings and comfort for our customers. Our mission is to keep enhancing the customer benefits and the user experience through continuous improvements and the new range promises to fulfill this mission.”

He added, “What one can see are only a few changes. The changes in technology, that is not visible but would be experienced over the life of the vehicle, is enormous. Our customers would find a huge improvement in their earnings and experience a vast improvement in the quality of their lives.”

Mr. Maheshwari added, “The world’s no 1 three-wheeler has just become better”

Features RE COMPACT Petrol 2 Stroke RE COMPACT Petrol 4 Stroke
Power [email protected] [email protected]
Cubic Capacity 145.45 cc 198.88 cc
Transmission 4 forward + 1 reverse gear 4 forward + 1 reverse gear
Wheel Base 2000 mm 2000 mm
Overall width 1300 mm 1300 mm
Overall length 2635 mm 2635 mm
Overall Height 1692 mm 1704 mm
Kerb Weight 322 Kg 337 Kg
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