Bajaj launches the Discover 100 4G. Loses a gear and INR 2000 from price tag

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After coming up with a gazillion variants of the popular bike Discover, Bajaj has now come up with yet another variant of the younger sibling of the Pulsar. The latest to come to us is the new Discover 100 4G. The 4G here has nothing to do with the cell phone that costs almost as much as the bike and instead stands for 4 gears.  As you would had guessed by now, the new Discover loses a gear. What it also loses is approx INR 2000 from its price tag, thereby, making the 100cc variant of the bike even more pocket friendlier.

It is a very safe guess that the 4G will be geared as per city riding and it will be interesting to check out the fuel efficiency on offer. Other than the loss of a cog, every other bit remains unchanged and the bike continues to sport a 94.38cc motor belting out 7.7PS- 7.85Nm.

We are still not aware if the 5 geared model will continue to be on sale but we want the earlier version to keep fighting in the market. While it might confuse the buyer a little, more options are always better. No?


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