LAUNCHED: Bajaj KTM 200 Duke @ Rs 1.17 lakh, details and images

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KTM 200 Duke launched at the price of Rs 1.17 lakh ex-showroom Delhi! This is just an introductory price and expect it to be raised in the coming months. Bookings for the bike will start from 1st February. Very few bikes will go out as display pieces initially. Production at the plant will start in the next two weeks. KTMs will sell alongside Kawasakis in the same showrooms.

Head here for a detailed image gallery of the KTM 200 Duke

Here are some more images from the launch (Courtesy our Delhi Rep, Nitin Gupta) , followed by the full press release!

KTM 200 launch


KTM 200 launch


KTM 200 launch


KTM 200 launch


KTM 200 launch


KTM 200 launch


KTM 200 launch

Bajaj Auto Limited and KTM Sportmotorcycle AG today announced the much awaited launch of the KTM brand in India. Known for their legendary racing achievements, KTM is Europe’s second largest motorcycle manufacturer and dominates the off-road segment across the world. KTM debuts in India with its premium streetbike brand , the DUKE. The first offering from the KTM stable in India, the Duke 200 would be retailed through 34 dedicated KTM stores (erstwhile Bajaj Probiking Stores) in India along with KTM’s famous range of Accessories and Merchandise called KTM PowerWear and KTM PowerParts.

In a segment crowded with full-faired Japanese motorcycles, the KTM 200 Duke will be the only one sporting the naked streefighter styling that all KTM Dukes, like the Super Duke 990 and the Duke 690, are renowned for. The 200 Duke will be powered by a single cylinder, 200cc, liquid cooled, DOHC, four valve engine which will pump out a peak power of 25bhp and a maximum torque of 19 Nm. Like all KTM’s the 200 Duke has the best–in-class power to weight ratio of 184 Ps/ton thanks to high strength- low weight components of the highest quality. It features first in class features such as a Trellis Frame, Upside Down forks by European specialists WP, an aluminium swing arm, a multifunction cockpit and many more.

Packed with technology and features befitting motorcycles of far higher segments, the KTM 200 Duke has been launched at an extremely attractive introductory price of Rs.1,17,500 (ex-showroom, Delhi).

On the occasion of the launch Mr. Stefan Pierer, CEO of KTM-Sportmotorcycles AG, said “We are delighted to have the Duke 200 in India and are very positive about the prospects of KTM in the Indian market. With our unique design and engineering philosophy, we have managed to develop our unique brand identity which we are confident that our customers in India will appreciate “

Mr. Rajiv Bajaj, MD Bajaj Auto, said “The launch of the Duke 200 is one of the many steps in Bajaj Auto’s association with KTM over the last five years. Between the Bajaj Pulsar and the KTM Duke we intend to further strengthen our dominant position in the sports motorcycle segment in India. The KTM 200 Duke is meant for people who are young at heart and like to be different”

Here’s a list of the advantages of the new 200 Duke, as mentioned by KTM



No minor development: Based on the state-of-the-art, liquid-cooled, single-cylinder four-stroke engine of the 125 Duke, the 200 Duke’s power unit has been changed substantially to generate 60 % more displacement and correspondingly fully developed power. New camshafts, bigger valves, a larger piston with a completely new crank drive, new airbox and new exhaust layout. It all results in 19 kW (25 hp) and incredibly punchy torque, even at lower revs – with irresistible smoothness.



Just like the RC8 R, two overhead camshafts in the new 200 Duke’s cylinder head actuate four valves by means of cam levers. This design is not only extremely reliable, but the cam levers are coated with ultra-hard carbon which minimises friction – releasing even more power.



The compact, three-chamber silencer is positioned close to the machine’s overall centre of gravity. This aids centralisation of masses and improves the playful handling of the 200 Duke. Not only noise, but emission levels are also exemplary thanks to the regulated catalytic converter.



The intricate engine design, state-of-the-art injection electronics and the close-ratio, six-speed transmission not only help the 200 Duke to achieve impressive performance, but also moderate fuel consumption. Thanks to the regulated catalytic converter, it produces only minimal emissions



The shapely 11 l fuel tank on the 200 Duke not only provides the rider with perfect knee contact, but also with a range of many kilometres, even when ridden hard, thanks to the economical engine.



19 kW (25 hp) Power and an unladen weight of only 126 kg guarantee tremendous, fleet-footed riding fun with the 200 Duke. The first-class chassis, with lightweight tubular space frame in the proven KTM design, turns it into a real surfer through the curves. Weight grouped close to the centre of gravity maximise manoeuvrability and precision.



The 200 Duke’s high-quality upside-down fork from WP Suspension has the same 43 mm outer tube diameter as the RC8 R – in other words, real racing equipment that guarantees highest levels of stability and precision



The new 200 Duke’s lightweight, high-quality, die-cast swingarm is designed and produced according to the same principle as the 690 Duke. The light alloy swingarm with directly linked WP shock absorber excels with extreme torsional stiffness and outstanding tracking stability.



Equally lightweight and delicate as they are stable, the 17 in cast light alloy wheels are fitted with a 110 mm tyre at the front and an impressive 150 mm at the rear. The tyres impress with tremendous grip in both wet and dry conditions, as well as providing supreme durability.


With the powerful, outstandingly controllable brake system developed by KTM in collaboration with Brembo® and the perfect grip of the wide tyres, the rider always has the lightweight motorcycle under control. At the front, a radial four-piston brake caliper bites onto a 280 mm brake disc.



The new 200 Duke is also a genuine motorcycle in terms of dimensions, providing plenty of space and freedom of movement. The gathered sitting position supports relaxed touring equally as well as committed cornering. Large contact surfaces ensure optimum control and perfect feedback.



The shapely 11 l fuel tank on the 200 Duke not only provides the rider with perfect knee contact, but also with a range of many kilometres, even when ridden hard, thanks to the economical engine.



For all its sportiness, the two-piece seat provides surprising long-distance comfort, perfect support and first-class ergonomics for rider and pillion. At 810 mm, the seat height is low enough for a secure standing position, but also high enough for sports-oriented use and a genuine big-bike feeling.



With the powerful, outstandingly controllable brake system developed by KTM in collaboration with Brembo® and the perfect grip of the wide tyres, the rider always has the lightweight motorcycle under control. At the front, a radial four-piston brake caliper bites onto a 280 mm brake disc.



The 200 Duke has everything that distinguishes a genuine KTM – from the high-quality chassis components to the multi-function cockpit, which even keeps you up to date with fuel consumption and remaining range. The extensive KTM PowerParts range gives you the option of adding your own individual style.


Update 7: KTM 200 claimed to have the highest power to weight ratio in its segment (184PS / tonne), derives it characteristics from its Duke 990 sibling. KTM will have its dedicated service centers.

 Update 6: Amit Nandi, head, marketing, Bajaj Auto, addressing the media

Amit Nandi

Update 5:

New Duke will hit the markets in 2014. KTM will also sell its merchandise as well as performance parts for the Duke. The 200 will compete with the Ninja, CBR and the R15. Here’s what you can expect in terms of riding gear and accessories.The KTM bikes will be sold through Bajaj’s ProBiking showrooms that will be exclusive outlets for KTM and Kawasaki motorcycles only. Even the upcoming Bajaj Pulsar does not qualify to be showcased, sold and serviced at ProBiking outlets. The booking amount of this bike is INR 30000.

KTM powerwear


KTM powerparts

Update 4: According to the Bajaj officials, the new 200 will set a benchmark in the industry. Smaller KTM products have been a tremendous success in the European market and is giving a great fight to the likes of Yamaha. The Duke was the first naked design by KTM with the Superduke being the most radical design in the year 2000.


Update 3: An image of the launch venue

KTM 200 launch venue

Update 2: Media has been taken inside the hall where the launch event will take place. A group of about 100 journalists is attending the event. The size of the launch venue is rather small for such a mega launch event. We think the size of the media could also have been larger. Currently videos showing the 690 Duke are playing on the screen.


Entry not allowed yet within the exact launch venue. Here are some pictures from outside though

KTM 200 launch


KTM 200 launch

KTM Bajaj are launching their highly awaited 200 Duke today. As you would expect Motoroids is there at the launch ceremony, covering the event live. We’ll be updating this post with live updates, quotes from the senior management, images and all the details including specs, variants and pricing of the new bike.

KTM 200

Here’s a look at the specifications of this bike, and our commentary on what they mean.

Type: Single-cylinder, 4-stroke, liquid-cooled

While nothing new with the format for cylinders, we are glad that the engine is slated to be liquid cooled. Liquid cooled engines for bikes have been doing duty in the international scene since quite some time and for Indian bikes, this seems to be the way to go.

Valve Train: 4 valves per cylinder, DOHC

This will be the second bike to come out of Bajaj plant to sport 4 valve/cyl format. It is good to see that manufacturers are gradually embracing this technology. Coming to look at it, many cars out on our roads are having this format since quite a few years.

Displacement: 200 cc

Bore x Stroke: 72 mm x 49 mm

Power : 19KW (25.4 bhp)

The moment I read this, my jaw dropped and so much that it threatened to hit the floor! Lame attempt at jokes apart, we are mighty impressed by the output of this single cylinder engine. Now all that we wish is that KTM/BAJAJ sees no need to de-tune it for our market.

On some calculations, this is what my observation is:

Power : Weight = 185 bhp/ton and Ninja 250’s P:W = 191 bhp/ton. A difference of merely 6 bhp/ton. Need I say more?
Starting: Electric

Expect a full electric system as seen in the flagship Bajaj- The Pulsar 220.

Transmission/Gears: 6-speed

Yet another first for a bike that is associated with Bajaj and will role out of it’s plant.

Fuel System: Fuel Injection

Bajaj came up with the Fuel Injection with its flagship bike. Later, in interests of higher sales through lower price tag, the fuel injection was dumped for a cheaper fuel system and hence came the ‘Carb’ 220.The latter produced more power from the same motor and that alone says that Bajaj needs to master the art of fuel injection. Theoretically, a carb setup cannot be as efficient as fuel injection can. That will make me say that Bajaj really needs to embrace this technology of fuel injection and master it properly.   


Type: Tubular space frame made from steel
tubes, powder-coated
Front Suspension: WP, Telescopic Upside Down


Rear Suspension: WP, monoshock

Finally !! A ‘mono’ on a Bajaj.

Suspension travel Front: 150 mm

Suspension travel Rear: 150 mm

Front Brake: 300 mm Disc brake

Rear Disc Brake: 230 mm

After seeing the 220, we are not surprised. 

Steering head angle 65°


Wheel base: (1,361 ± 15) mm

That is one compact wheelbase! The bike should be fun to ride, maybe one of the most nimble performers. I feel that on tight corners, R15 owners should beware !! 

Ground clearance (unloaded): 170 mm

Seat height (unloaded): 810 mm

Total fuel tank capacity: 10.5 litres

Okay, we are surprised again. And after being used to Pulsar’s fuel tank, we should.

Dry Weight: 125 kg

The first thing that came to my mind after getting to know the weight was L-I-G-H-T. Remember how much praise the R15 got for being lighter than the rivals? Even the 135LS is not very high on weight and all thanks to its favorable power to weight ratio, the bike can surely out performs a few 150cc bikes of our market. And with a dry weight of 125 kgs coupled with 25 bhp, the upcoming KTM will sure be one quick machine. 

Now what remains to be seen is the selling price and after sales pricing of this KTM. It may be noted that Bajaj is known for inexpensive spares and we expect a similar story for the KTM series. Fingers crossed!!

Click here for more KTM 200 DUKE launch event pics

Stay tuned….

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