Auto Expo to restrict the number of visitors to 1 lakh per day



We are not too pleased to share this info but then, it is our duty to keep our readers as informed as we possibly can. There is no hiding from the fact that the Delhi Auto Expo has been attracting a lot of crowd for the last since editions, albeit, a tad too much to easily handle. Now, we are getting to hear that the organizers have decided to put a cap on the number of daily visitors. It may be noted that this move could have to do away with its status of the world’s second largest auto show in terms of visitors.With a record of having more than two million visitors in the 2010 Auto Expo, it was claimed by the organizers that India’s auto show was the second largest after Shanghai auto show. Based on such data from last few expos, the organizers have predicted an even larger turn out this year and this may be due to unveiling of many vehicles at the expo.As per the reports, there will be as many as 50 new launches across all vehicle segments during the expo. Auto Expo 2012 Steering Committee Chairman Rajive Kaul said “There will be 50 major global brands that will showcase their products and this will be the largest ever in the history of the Auto Expo.On a given day of the Expo, a total of only one lakh people will be inside the Pragati Maidan, of which 70,000 will be general public.

On being inquired about the risk of losing the status of being world’s second largest auto show in terms of visitors, he commented “Yes we may, but we have to make it more convenient for all those who are coming to see the show and make it less chaotic, unlike the previous one.

This time, the tickets can be also booked online at The pricing for tickets is as follows:

General Visitor-Rs.150

Business Visitor- Rs.500

Due to the space limitations at Pragati Maidan, the upcoming edition of Expo will be smaller than the one in 2010. “The exhibition will be spread across 1.15 lakh square metres with 16 permanent halls. The auto components and original equipment manufacturers will have separate sections this time” Kaul said.

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