BMW India Retains the top spot in 2012

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It has emerged that the Indian division of BMW luxury car maker holds the top spot in Indian luxury car segment. This means that the rumours of Audi India being the highest selling luxury car maker in the country can be thrown into the dustbin and BMW can be safely credit with retaining its crown for four years now!

While Audi India hasn’t managed to topple BMW from the top of Indian luxury car sales chart, it has surely got dangerously close to the Bavarian manufacturer.

Following is the performance of the German trio in our country last year-

BMW- 9,375 units

Audi- 9,003 units

Mercedes- 7,138 units

This means that Audi India is surely inching closer to the numero uno status and might overtake BMW India as soon as in this year! In 2011, BMW was ahead of Audi India by 372 car sales and this lead has been reduced to just 72 in 2012.

It remains to be seen if BMW India can manage to maintain the top spot with the launch of BMW X1 facelift, BMW 7 Series facelift and the BMW 1 Series this year.



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