Audi launches Carlife-Advance package to bridge the gap between owning and leasing a car

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We have been saying that Audi is fast becoming aggressive in Indian luxury car market. Recently, we saw it overtake Mercedes to become the second largest luxury car seller in India after BMW and it is being said that the situation will become even better for Audi once the BMW X1 rivalling Q3 is launched. While Mercedes recently launched the lease options for its cars, Audi feels that the Indian market has not matured enough for it release its leasing options in the country. What Audi has done is to introduce an alternative to the car lease plan. This program will allow the buyers of Audi cars to enjoy some of the car leasing benefits while they still remain the full owners of the car. The Audi CarLife-Advance package is being offered on three of the Audi’s bread and butter model- A4, A6 and Q5.  The CarLife-Advance plan comes with cars that are bought thru finance and comes with car servicing plans, insurance and extended warranty plans included into the package. This way, the owner won’t have to shell out anything when the car goes for regular servicing.

This plan from Audi is a kind of amalgam owning and leasing a car, which are two very different options. It will be interesting to see if this new offer from Audi will help it further climb the success ladder. 

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