Audi India to Soon Launch its Used Car Business

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VW owned German luxury car maker Audi is gearing up to come up with its own pre-owned car programme called ‘Audi Approved Plus’ in India. The ‘Audi Approved Plus’ should be launched towards the end of ongoing year..

It is being said that Audi Approved Plus showrooms will showcase 8-10 Audi cars which can be anything between 0-5 years old. A Gurgaon-based Audi dealer has said that a base variant of 2009 A4 diesel can cost Rs. 18-19 lakhs in a Audi pre-owned outlet. The same car costs Rs. 30.10 lakhs when bought new.

Audi has also planned to increase the prices of its India line up of cars. Audi have said, “The overall market scenario is challenging. The rise in input cost, depreciating rupee as well as continuous increase in fuel prices have made us re-evaluate our pricing strategy in India and increase the prices of the entire range. However, we are offering customers innovative and customised finance options from Audi Finance which will make their purchase more attractive.”

The used car business seems to be one of the few ways in which Audi India wishes to combat the price increase effect and continue doing good business with those aspiring to buy an Audi.


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