Audi cars to be better differentiated in future

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Audi has surely been going great guns in recent times. The car maker has been threatening to globally outsell both the Mercs and the Bimmers and the future seems very bright for the VW group’s luxury car maker.

However, one the major grouses about Audi cars is that they all seem a bit too much like each other. This is something that the critics, customers and even some of the Audi officials have been echoing since some time.

Wolfgang Dürheimer, Audi board member responsible for research and development, recently commented that he has been “hearing criticism from some markets” that some of Audi cars look too much like each other and that he wants all this to change.

“In the future, I will work with our designers to differentiate the ‘faces’ of our various model series even more”, Dürheimer recently told select German media. “The customer of an A8 will, in the future, find details in his car that will fifer significantly from those on the A4 or the A6.”

While Dürheimer doesn’t feels that Audi should do away with the current family look, he wants the car designers to be a bit more exploratory. “The objective is to move forward with even greater steps and more courage to new lines. However, our future models will be clearly and unmistakably identified as Audis,” he added.

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