Audi A4 LWB launched in China

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Thanks to long wheelbase variants of luxury cars being popular at China, Audi has launched the A4 Long Wheelbase in Chinese car market. It may be noted that BMW has already been selling the long wheelbase version of the 3 series sedan to our neigbours. The A4L goes on sale for a starting price of 2,72,800 yuan (23.72 lakhs INR).

The A4L is longer than the ‘normal’ A4 by 6 cms and the rear passengers now get a lot of space to stretch out their legs. Other than the 1.8 TFSI and 2.0 TDI engines that the A4 LWB shares with the A4, the buyers of the new variant of A4 can also opt for a new 3.0 turbo.

It may be noted that if there is anything that we have in common with our neighbours, it has to be the love for ‘lo…ng’ luxury cars and hence, the A4L makes quite some sense for our car market.

Are you listening Audi India?



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