Attack of the clones….copycat chinese cars

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As a global manufacturing hub, the Chinese economy is all set to overtake the US as the world’s largest economy. But as it goes for saying that no matter the heights of success, old habits tend to die hard.


We’ve come across pictures of a Chinese automobile manufacturer called Zhunchi selling one of its models called the Brilliance BS6. Even without the reference of the E Class for the blatant copycat act, yet we’re sure that a Class 1 student would immediately recognize the source of its design. Surprisingly with reasonably powerful engines to choose from i.e. 129 bhp and 170 bhp, the prices start from CNY 112,800 (INR 9,87,157/-) to CNY 249,800 (INR 21,89,425/-). Not  bad to start with for an E-Class lookalike.


And wait, the story doesn’t end here. The manufacturer has been generous enough to offer something for BMW fans too by the name of H530. Being considerate enough towards the lesser privileged who cannot afford the expensive Germans (even in their copycat versions), on offer is something that looks like a cross-breed between an Altis and a Prius.

Apart from the music that these blokes would be facing once the three giants get their act together for design infringements, we are extremely eager on how well these cars fare on reliability.

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