Aston Martin on sale: Mahindra, Toyota interested?

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Iconic British sports car maker Aston Martin, the favored transport of one James Bond is looking for suitors.  Aston’s current owners, Investment Dar Co, have apparently got in touch with companies which may be interested in buying the sports car outfit. Investment Dar Co. is a Kuwaiti firm which own 64 percent in the Gaydon based car company. The interesting bit here is that Mahindra & Mahindra is one of the auto companies which have been approached for a potential sale.

According to some reports, the Kuwaiti company has been asking for a price, which the potential suitors think is higher than the true worth of the company. At an asking price of about 800 million dollars, the British carmaker appears pricey to those approached. Investment Dar Co. had bought Aston Martin in 2007 for the same price they are asking for. While the money earned from the sale may help Investment Dar pay off some of its debt, an aut major buying Aston Martin would mean that the British firm will have more funds and resources for the development of its future projects.

Mahindra & Mahindra haven’t issued an official statement on the matter, nor have Toyota, which are rumored to have appointed and auditor to conduct a study into the company’s worth.

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