ASIMO Is Invited to Germany As An Example Of Technological Creativity

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ASIMO travelled to Essen, Germany this week to attend IdeenPark, a major event in the country that aims to inspire young people to study science, technology and engineering.


The IdeenPark is an exciting showcase of cutting-edge innovation for families and is a collaboration of more than 120 partners from research, science, education and business, as well as the state of North Rhine-Westphalia.


ASIMO’s attendance supports Honda’s own philosophy which is to “foster a spirited and dynamic people and society for the next generation.” Toward this goal, Honda implements and engages with various social activities, such as IdeenPark, which are designed to communicate to young people the importance and joy of having dreams, taking on new challenges, and creating things. 


ASIMO was a star of the opening night, named the ‘Night of Innovation’, and will stay at the 60,000 square meter exhibition centre until the 16th August.


During its time at IdeenPark, Honda’s humanoid robot will appear in ten fast paced shows and demonstrate to the gathered crowds its advanced mobility and intelligence technologies.

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