Apollo introduces new Steer Axle tyre ‘XMR’ for commercial vehicles

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Apollo XMR

Apollo has introduced a new Steer Axle tyre ‘XMR’ in cross ply construction, which is designed for superior mileage and structural durability to deliver best cost of ownership in terms of ‘Total Mileage’; and the total mileage is derived from Initial Tread Mileage (ITM) and Retreaded Tyre Mileage (RTM).

Every step in the creation of the ‘XMR’ is new with highest levels of precision, from the way it was prototyped, manufactured and validated in indoor and outdoor. Tread rib pattern and groove were designed and optimised using ‘thermography’ techniques for the tyre to remain cooler while running and thus extend casing life for multiple retreads. Design considerations were also given for uniform ‘foot pressure distribution’ and to nullify ‘hot spot’ on the ‘tread rib’ & ‘rib groove’ to benefit uniform wear & part worn appearance which are important parameters to decide on timely removal for retreading.

Commenting on the new XMR tyre, Satish Sharma, Chief, India Operations, Apollo Tyres Ltd said, “Apollo holds a leading market position in both drive and steer axle tyres, with many brands leading in different segments. With the introduction of tyres like XT100K and XT 7 Gold+ in TBB lug design category, it has set a new bench mark in the premium mileage and load & mileage segment. To continue our leadership and create a benchmark in the cross ply category, especially when radialisation is happening in the heavy commercial vehicle (HCV) segment, it is important for us to have such differentiating products for the steer axle as well.”

The steer position is the most critical on any HCV and the tyre used on its steer axle position demands highest design precision and manufacturing controls. The service demand from steer tyre is growing exponentially due to developments in vehicle technology and infrastructure improvements compounded by radialisation in drive tyres.

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