Android in your car's rear view mirror!

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Android seems to be the in thing these days. What with android making into mass produced hand held devices and thousands of applications android softwares surfacing every day. And our cars keep absorbing technologies and becoming smarter. Now, Las Vegas gets to see this all new car gadget. Seller Rydeen is hoping to develop and produce in car entertainment units that use the android OS.

The manufacturer says that it is using a touchscreen rear-view mirror as research tool. Good news is that techies may be able to buy this cool rear view mirror by 2013. The production version should boast a simpler interface.

We really hope to use this in our cars and get all the flaunting rights to impress the pretty girl in the passenger seat. *wink


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  • Niru says:

    I also wonderstruckk hows pricing of bengaluru will be less than cheapest delhi…….bcz bengaluru has got the highest road tax and vat.s….

  • Anant Bhatia says:

    howz that even possible??? the car is cheaper in Bangalore as compared to Delhi!?!?!?