An exceptional fusion of elegance and engineering: A 100 years of Aston Martin

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The phrase “Big dreams start small” befits founders Lionel Martin and Robert Bamford when they kick started their automotive venture in 1913 known as Bamford and Martin Limited that sold “Singer” brand of cars. They finally decided to make their own cars, but didn’t have much back then, except for some engineering expertise, a passion for automobiles and a dream to make their baby one of the finest marques ever produced in automotive history.

1915 Aston Martin Coal Scuttle

The brand has witnessed multiple changes of ownership since inception to its present day operations in Gaydon – Warwickshire. From their first car – the Coal Scuttle, to the superlatively exotic One-77, what remains unchanged is the legacy that has stood the test of time with flair and unmatched elegance.

Aston Martin One-77

The brand did not confine itself to style alone – hidden under those alluring robes lay splendid exponents of engineering excellence. An epitome of aesthetic panache and engineering finesse made Aston Martin the vehicle of choice for the Secret British Agent, James Bond 007, pushing the brand equity further into the orbit.

Aston Martin 2012 Centenary Logo

The brand Aston Martin is an icon for the connoisseurs, exhibiting the finest in automotive artistry. Its journey of a hundred splendid years is denoted by the 100 dots on their centenary logo. The emblem, in typically ingenious Aston Martin manner describes with a small visual what a thousand words would probably fail to. As for the brand’s history, we’d run into a billion sentences if the stream of thoughts is given an opportunity to be inscribed in words.

On a more rational note, we wish the 100 years young automotive brand a majestic centenary with a deep desire in our hearts to have one of its models featured on Motoroids very soon.

Happy hundredth birthday Aston Martin, and all the very best for the journey ahead!

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