Alomar rider’s jacket transforms into backpack for storing your gear & laptop

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Regulars here might know that I have always been more into four-wheels than two. While I certainly like the way a nice set of two wheels set my soul free, the gazillion conveniences that a car offers always end up making the practical side of me to surface. Plus, I don’t end up becoming more God fearing if I take the car.

True, a good riding gear takes care of the safety aspect but somehow, I can’t ignore the convenience a car offers. However, we recently got to know of a product that should make life easier for a lot of motorcyclists. We are talking about a fully armoured riding jacket with a special pocket to hold stuff like your laptop. Not impressed? Well, on completion of the ride, the jacket can transform into a cool backpack that has enough storage space for the rest of the riding gear and of course, the laptop that it already held within! The Alomar jacket takes the shape of a backpack that can carry helmets, riding gear and valuables. The Alamar jacket incorporates CCA approved removable shoulder, elbow, and spleen guards, front and rear reflectors, adjustable drawstrings, and comes in a sleek design. The jacket weighs only about four pounds and is made from water resistant 600 Denier Polyester Nylon.

The Alomar jacket can be pre ordered at Time for me to think of changing my perception towards biking? Yes, of course!

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