After Mumbai police, Goan cops get Tata Nano

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Some days back, Mumbai police got a fleet of Tata Nanos on an experimental basis. Going by the Mumbai city traffic, the car with its small exterior makes quite some sense as a cop car. Now, Goa is all set to to receive a fleet of Nanos to serve as police cars. It is being said that the car’s diminutive exteriors will allow Goan police to easily patrol on narrow roads without having to walk.

On the outside, as is obvious, the car gets a red beacon on roof top and some graphics on the sides (as seen on Mumbai police Nanos). On the inside, the car should at least get a walkie talkie mount. However, we feel that Police Nanos do require a set of serious performance upgrades. It sure will be interesting to see Nano Police cars chasing criminals in a faster getaway vehicle (read: any other car).

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