A more powerful engine to power Polo diesel

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We have always maintained that Polo is as solidly built as Germans come. And it is hard to criticize the awesome handling package it offers. Combine this with very modern and teutonic styling and it is tough to go wrong with this car until you look at the engine. The weakest link has to undoubtedly be the 3 cylinder 1.2 Liter common rail turbodiesel on duty in this car. I won’t be wrong to say that the engine keeps the driver from exploiting the handling capabilities the chassis and suspension set up offers. Plainly speaking, the diesel Polo is nothing short of being underpowered and that really is a shame. Looking at the sister Vento and Polo cup cars, the road going diesel Polo appears to be anemic. That leaves performance enthusiasts with no option but to look at rivals. Now, the situation might change sooner than expected. Various sources suggest that Volkswagen India might decide pleasing us adrenaline junkies by plonking in the Volkswagen Vento’s 1.6 Liter turbo diesel engine into the Polo’s engine bay. It is not being too optimistic as it may be noted that Polo is available with the 1.6 Liter diesel engine for international market, in two states of tune, a 89 Bhp and a 105 Bhp version. Now we really wish that VW listens to us all and goes ahead with launching a much more potent diesel Polo. Please? Pretty please?


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