A four wheeled Pulsar by Nissan to make a comeback in 2013

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Well, Bajaj Auto isn’t the only company to have a machine selling with the Pulsar branding. Long before the Pulsar motorcycle was even conceived, Nissan was selling the Pulsar sedan in global markets. The sales went on till the year 2007, when the nameplate was replaced with Tiida badging.

A recent survey conducted Down Under in Australia and New Zealand, however, revealed that the people in the continent were more aware of the Pulsar nameplate than the Tiida brand, even after the badge having been taken off the shelves for more than 5 years. This has made Nissan bring the Pulsar brand back to life in Australia and New Zealand.

The Tiida sedan, in its next avatar will once again be sold as the Pulsar. Initially, the car will be presented in only the sedan body type, and will later spawn a hatchback variant. The front wheel drive small sedan is powered by a 1.8 liter four cylinder engine with 130PS of peak power and 174 nm of peak torque.

What we wouldn’t give to have our very own Bajaj Pulsar have similar power specs one day?

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