88% of second hand cars have a questionable history

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In a study at UK, it has emerged that as many as almost nine out of ten used cars sold have a ‘not so pleasant’ history. Out of the ten cars sold, almost three are either stolen or written off and refurbished or were bought with finance options whose loans still remain to be paid. In a nutshell, 88% of ‘second hand’ cars have something unwanted in their history. The study also found that the 93% of Renault Clios sold have ‘dark history’. Other than the Renault, sporty Ford Focus and popular VW Golf generally have a high potential of having an outstanding debt to be paid to the bank. This data is based on the findings from the more than 100,000 used cars bought since last year.

Experian spokesman Peter Turner said: “To buy your used car with absolute confidence it is important to properly research the vehicle’s hidden history.”

Via- Mirror

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