7 Land Rover Defender Electric Vehicles to Debut at Geneva

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Land Rover, Popular British SUV maker that is owned by the Tata group, will unveil not one but seven pure electric variants of the Defender SUV at the fast approaching Geneva Motor Show that is scheduled to be held next week.

The Defender has a long history with the original Defender making its first appearance in 1948. The Defender has since been through numerous updates and has been a hot favourite in British car market.

The seven pure electric Defender variants that will be unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show will head to real world testing soon after their Geneva preview. Powering the Defender

Powering the Defender EV will be a new electric motor with a max power output of 94bhp and a peak torque figure of 330Nm. The motor gets its juice from a 300 volt lithium ion battery capable of 27 kWh. The new Defender EV has a driving range of more than 80 kms. The batter can be re-charged within four hours from thru a 7kW fast charger and can last 8 hours on a single recharge. The battery can also be charged by a portable charger in 10 hours. The all electric Defender has rigorously tested and has been found capable of pulling a 12 tonne road train up a 13 percent gradient. The Defender EV can wade through water at a depth of 800mm.


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