21 Gun Salute Vintage Rally 2012 held in NCR

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Around 125 gleaming vintage cars were driven around NCR as part of the third 21 Gun Salute Vintage Rally on this Sunday.

Some of the most popular vintage car models came to participate in this annual event and the Willys Overland 1909, Rolls Royce 1912, Bentley 1947, Rolls Royce Phantom 1 of 1925 were the oldest among the lot.

Started from Panchsheel Club South of Delhi on Sunday, December 9, the rally entered Gurgaon through NH8, crown Plaza Hotel, Huda City Centre Metro Station touched MG Road and then to Golf Course Road before reaching its final destination Leisure Valley Park sector 29. It was joined by 45 more vintage bikes and scooters.

A joint initiative of Mr Madan Mohan, an avid vintage car collector from Gurgaon (Managing Director of 21 Gun Salute) along with Heritage Motoring Club of India, 21 Gun Salute Vintage Rally was one of the biggest vintage show ever held in India. The total count of vintage cars and bikes crossed 150.

The vintage rally was flagged of by General Bikram Singh, Chief of the Army staff at Delhi Panchsheel Club.

Mr Madan Mohan Commented, “ 21 Gun Salute Vintage Rally is a matter of prestige for all the vintage car owners and the participants. The good thing about the cars is that they are still in a very usable condition and it is always a treat to go in for a drive in such cars as it offers you with a dignity and adds a charm to your appearance.

A stately procession of Buicks, Fords, Rolls Royce, Plymouths, Austins, Willys and many other restored classics held the onlookers spellbound on the way to Gurgaon. The vintage drive saw cars of pre war eras from the 1920s to the glorious time of 1965s including Willys Overland 1909 Rolls Royce 1912, Fiat 501 1919, Wolsley Ten Roadster 1920, Rolls Royce Phantom 1 1925, Rolls Royce, Twenty Series K, Barker Tourer 1927, Dodge Brothers – WW Armed Carrier 1942, Ford Jeep 1942, and vintage bikes such as Sunbeam 500 cc 1926, BSA M 20 500 cc 1940, Triumph 3 HW 1942, Norton 1942, Norton 1940 Corgi 1948, Lambretta Deluxe 1959 hail from the exotic lands of United States, United Kingdom, and other countries of the world..

The idea behind this drive is that the passion for vintage cars should not be limited to aficionados but also extend to the general public,‘ told Mr Madan Mohan

Mr H W Bhatnagar , the proud owner of a 1940 Buick, said: ‘This is one of the few cars of its kind in India. I love it because it was my dream car during my college days It brings back so many memories.’

Love and dedication for cars seemed evident among the collectors, and some went ahead to spell it out. “Car restoration and collection is something not possible without passion,” said Mr Madan Mohan

At the Culmination point, a grand reception was organised to felicitate the participants and other guests. The entire caravan of vintage cars, vintage bikes and scooter participating in the rally exhibited at the leisure valley park in Gurgaon.

Sharing the vision behind 21 gun salute Vintage Rally, Mr. Madan Mohan told, “The brand 21 Gun Salute is an endeavor and destination designed to extend the experience of the old bygone era with a contemporary touch to re-live the royal and aristocratic history of India and by organizing vintage rally like this we wish to take this heritage to beyond boundaries

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