2015 Fiat Punto to be named the Pandona

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We reported in detail when Fiat recently unveiled its future plans for Indian car market. We talked about the carmaker’s plan to introduce the all new Punto in to our rapidly growing car market in 2014.

While Fiat refrained from giving out more details on the next generation of Punto, it would be safe to predict that the new car would make its debut sometime in early 2014. Fiat manufactures the Punto at its Melfi facility in Italy. However, the production of the next gen Punto could be moved to the Serbian factory in Kragujevac.

Billed as a 2015 model, the successor to the current gen Punto could come with a new name. The new car could be called the ‘Pandona’ and would employ a modified platform of the Punto.

The all new Punto, nay, Pandona could come equipped with a 1.6-liter Multijet diesel engine instead of retaining the very popular 1.3 Litre Multijet.

[Source – Ilgiornale.it]


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