2014 BMW X5 Caught on Tape

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BMW’s popular SUV- the X5 will be very much ready to get into its third generation in 2014. Recently, the upcoming generation of the car was caught testing in Europe. This vehicle has been codenamed as F15 and the new X5 should be lighter and more aerodynamic than the current model. It is being said that the car will come with highly efficient engines and the car will try to maintain an optimum balance between outright performance and fuel consumption.



On the outside, the car gets a front fascia that is expected to look similar to F30 3 series (latest generation). The lights should almost reach all the way to the front grille. Not much can be said about the rear save for clearly visible dual exhaust tips on both side of the rear. Rest assured, the car is sure to carry a family resemblance to the new gen BMWs.



The pic of the dash does not reveals much but a new steering wheel boss, Heads-Up Display and iDrive are surely going to be there.

Stay tuned for more updates on this car.




Image courtesy: MOTORAUTHORITY


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