2014 Mercedes S Class is Crash-Proof. Almost

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We have been closely following the development of the new 2014 Mercedes Benz S Class. Codenamed as the W222, the new S Class should be unveiled in the second half of 2013. Now, some more details of the new car have surfaced on the web world.


The 2014 Mercedes Benz S Class will come with new safety feature package that is absent on every other car in its segment.



Assisting the driver and hence, making the drive safer will be the new Adaptive High beam Assist PLUS which, in layman terms, is ‘all time high beam’ with no dazzling to cause discomfort to other road users. This system will come into play at speeds above 30 kmph during night times.


Another new safety feature is the Active Seat Belt Buckle wherein the belt buckles are extended and retracted by an electric motor to avoid slacking on the pelvis or thorax regions. Also, this feature makes the fastening and unfastening of seat belt much simpler.


New Active Lane Keeping Assist and Parking Assist will detect risk of collision and alert the driver by inducing vibrations in the steering wheel.


Active Blind Spot Assist will caution the driver of the traffic at the blind spots.

The new Traffic Sign Assist can also identify no overtaking/parking zones and traffic signals. BAS PLUS with Cross Traffic Assist helps wiping away chances of rear end collisions and sticky situations in the cross traffic at junctions. This is done by automatically boosting the brake pressure in case of driver being unaware of the dangers that are looming.


The Active Parking Assist will automatically manoeuvre the car in and out of tight parking spaces. Now is not that utterly cool?


One would be a moron to still crash this car. No ?


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