2013 Toyota Corolla: Renderings and details

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In many parts of the world, C is as much for Corolla as it is for the word Car. What with the Jap auto giant coming up with umpteenth variants of the popular car. Now, a couple of popular websites have come up with some  details about the 2013 Toyota Corolla. From the design perspective, the current car has surely aged, albeit, gracefully and needs to soon get a replacement. Here, we have a few images of the car (internal codename A140). The basic design form of the headlights resembles that of the Asian version of the new Toyota Camry. Also, the images show a minimal shoulder line that does not appears wider than 1700 mm. This might be a move to receive cheaper yearly tax in Japan (Called 5No.). It is only at C pillar that the car has the trace of current gen version. Coming to the rear, the tail lights almost scream Chevrolet Sonic.

Our sources tell that the interiors will remind us of that on Asian Camry and will come with automatic climate control with LCD display, Wooden finish, Navigation system and multifunction steering wheel.

We see the D segment of our market hotting up with fair chances of this car and the new Honda Civic being here in next couple of years.


[Source – CarandDriverBrasil.uol.com.br]

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