2013 Tata Nano facelift could be launched next month

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It is no secret that the Nano entry level compact car hasn’t really managed to leave a good impression on the minds of entry level compact car buyers in India. Call it the effect of various fire-incidents that marred the image of the car or the effect of a marketing campaign that went really wrong. Whatever the reasons might be, the truth is that Tata really needs do something to revive the fortunes of the “world’s cheapest car.”

It seems like the boffins at Tata Motors realize this and are working overtime to come up with an updated Nano, along with the diesel and CNG variants, to give the compact car a new lease of life.

It has emerged that the carmaker could launch the 2013 Tata Nano facelift sometime next month. The Nano facelift will come with several minor visual changes. The 2013 Tata Nano facelift comes with chrome strips on the bonnet and at tailgate, just above the bumpers. The rear bumper gets more air vents and this should help in better cooling of the diesel variant’s 800cc oil burner.

The car also gets a new blue exterior color option. The interiors too are being expected to get minor updates such as an upholstery change, a revised centre console and probably an updated features list.

It remains to be seen if the addition of new features, along with inclusion of new features would enable the Nano to have a better showing on the sales charts. Safely expect the CNG variant to follow in next few months, with the diesel variant coming next month.

Source  BusinessStandard

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  • rahil khan says:

    I m tata employee ,and I really knw that tata vech is really fualty. their always prblm in the vech ,rather it may b nw or old .

  • Parmod Sharma says:

    Stretch The Body please- Tata’s should redesign the front by increasing its length
    side spherical looks are not eye catching. Tata’s have to do some home works so that people start liking its design.

  • Sivakumar MJ says:

    I really dont know what difference will it make to NANO by adding a small CROME Strip in front/back of the bonet.

    TATA should consider the following aspects.” TATA Seems that they will never learn from their mistakes”

    1. Improve Service.
    2. Completely change the designs of their cars ( Aria worst looking Expensive car .. onroad in BLR is around 21Lakhs for top End. Surly I will never invest so much for a TATA DICOR for this much money Instead I have lot of options with 21Lakhs”

    Revamp Storme/Aria/Manza designs completely.

    3. Completely change their design team or management who are behind decision making on the models.
    4. Forget the words ” people will buy what we design”
    5. Follow the words ” Design what people wants, Always a good design wins” ”
    6. Keep updating the portfolio every 4 years.