2013 Skoda Superb caught testing: Mid 2013 India debut [Images & Details]



The Skoda Superb is the undisputed king of the D segment. The feature packed limo has been selling in great numbers for Skoda, but has of late started looking a little too dated in company of more modern machines in the segment. In fact some of the buyers in the segment have postponed their buying decisions to wait for this gem in its latest 2013 facelift avatar. The details on the new version surfaced when a Chinese website caught the D-segmenter testing.
New 2013 Skoda Superb facelift
In its latest avatar, the new Superb tries to look sharper and more upmarket. The car now sports a revised front and rear end and this is most likely an attempt to attract younger customers. However, the side profile of the car remains largely untouched though. The length and shape of the cabin, which is a highlight of the Superb, remains unchanged.

At the front end, the headlamps are now more upswept at the outer edges with the inner edge getting pointier and aligning itself with the shape of the grille. The grille itself, from whatever little is visible in the image looks bolder. Overall, the car should sport a much more purposeful and aggressive face in its new version when compared with the rather conservative front end of the current model. In profile, the only visible difference is in the shape of the ORVMs. The body panels and the roofline remains strictly the same as the current model. We don’t expect any changes being made to the chassis and suspension as well, as the current model is above par for the segment in that department.

It’s actually the tail end of the car which has seen the most significant changes. Skoda have tried to transform the roundish and bulbous rear into a sharper shape. The number plate has been lifted from the bumper and been put on the boot.  The shape of the rear bumper has been changed, and two additional red strips have been added to the flanks. The twin exhaust pipes have not been touched though – further proof that Skoda have not touched the engine and mechanicals on this one.
New 2013 Skoda Superb facelift
The tail lamps and the boot section have been completely revamped. The angular, pointy edged tailamps are much edgier than their round edged predecessors and are reminiscent of the Jetta’s tail lamp units. The boot section too, which earlier was a plain section now has a depression for the license plate.

Expect the powertrain to remain unaltered when the car makes its first appearance in India, sometime late in 2013. The Superb will continue to be sold with the 1.8 TSI and 2.0 TDI mills in India, both mated with the delightful seven speed DSG. This one is just a mid life facelift of this extraordinary car, which is currently in its second generation. Expect the third generation machine to make its debut sometime in 2016.

Watch this space for more information on the 2013 version of the Skoda superb.

Images Source: Sino.com.cn
Rendering Source:  Auto.blog.rs

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  • Nair S says:

    would suggest to look at some other car. problems with gearbox at 50,000 km. would cost about 1.5 lakh to tinker, head lamps cost about 22,000 service is poor. requires repeated visits to show room to repair the same problem. was offered 8.0 lakh for resale of a 3 year old car purchased at 25 lakhs.

  • Hi. Unfortunately, we dont have much of an update on this. However, we feel that you should go ahead with buying the car. The facelift, in all probability, won’t debut anytime before Apr 2013. By the time it comes to India, i.e.if at all it comes, it would only be by Aug-Sep 2013. That is more 6 months from now. Are you sure you would want to wait for that long ?

  • Amit says:

    Any further update on this. I am planning to buy a skoda superb, shall I postpone the decision. When is the new facelift launch expected.? Pls let me know, update will be helpful.

  • Rupendu Bhowmick says:

    It is the finest in the D segment. what is worrisome for Indian buyers is the weary after sales service and network of Skoda.