2013 Nissan Micra facelift spotted testing in India

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We reported in detail when Nissan unveiled the Micra facelift and gave its small car a new lease of life. We always knew that the Micra facelift is coming our way. However, some people were of the opinion that Nissan would give the Indian car market a skip and the facelifted car won’t come to us.

However, all such claims can now safely be binned as what we have are the first pics of Nissan Micra facelift test mule that has been spotted testing on public roads in Pune. Please note that the Nissan Micra facelift isn’t the Micra Active low cost variant that we been reporting about on a regular basis.


The Nissan Micra facelift comes with a comprehensively updated front fascia that no longer has the “dolly car” appearance that the pre-facelift model is famous for.

The revised front fascia comes with new design headlamps that seem to have been inspired from that of the Nissan Extrem concept. The updated front end also gets a wide front grille, new air dam, new fog lamps and of course, a new bumper to accommodate all the new bits.

No changes have been made in the profile of the car.

 At the rear end, the car gets LED fixtures and a new motif for the tail lamp cluster.

On the inside, the car gets an updated centre console that is finished in a glossy black with silver accents and amber backlight for the display. The car gets rectangular air-con vents at the centre and the instrument panel too has been revised.

For the Indian market, the car is most likely to continue being powered by the 1.2-litre HRD12E petrol engine and the 1.5 litre K9K diesel engine.


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