2013 Nissan GT-R may pump up to 570 bhp

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There have been rumors all over the NAGTROC forums that suggest the next Nissan GT-R would be powered by a 570 bhp mill, 40 bhp more than its predecessor. The GT-R has no doubt been one of the marvelously engineered cars which has improved in performance with every upgrade. At a press event in Nürburgring, Nissan unveiled a few bits of information regarding the 2013 GT-R. The upgraded GT-R will feature a new engine mapping, a revised intake and exhaust. The transmission and suspension mapping will also be tweaked.

The car will feature better aerodynamics for better cooling and efficiency. As compared to the previous versions, the car will be cleaner and greener as far as emissions are concerned. Not much visual changes will make it to the 2013 GT-R though. The color options too are expected to remain the same without any new addition.


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  • Venkat says:

    doesnt mean you still make a car that consumes gallons per mile, does it? performance is paramount. the FE part is a bonus. a BIG one.

  • Deepak Dongre says:

    4 crores for a hybrid car? Though am a Porsche fan myself…I wonder about making a hybrid car which gives great mileage at this price point. Someone shelling out 4+ crores would hardly care about the mileage.