2013 Mahindra Thar With AC, Hardtop Arrives April End

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Even with its classic looks and an image that massages male ego like nothing else, the Thar does drop out of many potential customers’ options list owing the lack of basic amenities like an AC. The vehicle, with its open top, is also prone to thefts unless parked at a secure location. A year after launching the hardcore open top compact mud-plugger, Mahindra is planning to launch the new, 2013 version of the car in the coming month. By April end we should see the emergence of a new, improved Thar with amenities such as an A/C, a hardtop to offer better protection from the elements, and an improved cabin.

The Thar is available with two engine options, a 2.5 liter DI turbo diesel and a more powerful and cleaner 2.5 liter mEagle diesel. From what we hear, it’s going to be the more powerful 2.5 mEagle powered Thar, targeted at the urban audience which will get the update in April. Based on the response to the new machine, the company may introduce the changes on the DI version also at a later point. An increase of Rs 30,000 in the ex-showroom price of the vehicle is expected over the current version.
We are expecting the Thar to share some of the new bits inside its cabin with the Bolero. More details are expected to emerge in the coming days. Stay tuned for more dope on the topic.

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  • is mahindra thar hard top suitable for me if I drive 250km a month.

  • gaurav sharma says:

    can u plz tell me is this wid hard top is launched or still the same old open one … and how long we have to wait for hard top version

  • Sayantan Chatterjee says:

    Your news was cheerful alas Mahindra did nothing on Thar rather introduced another smaller compact.
    Once Wrangler and Cherukee are introduced in the country, urban customers would prefer an upgradation, safety, improved dynamics and driving pleasure whoever is willing to bear the cost of an imported vehicle, since there would be quite some fans of the original JEEP rather a world war II type.
    I don’t know why Mahindra is not introducing a new Thar with 140 PS M Hawak engine that weighs less with better output!!!!!