2012 Hyundai i20 1.1 CRDi to deliver 37kmpl. No, this ain’t no typo.

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Hold your breath guys, for the i20 we are going to talk about delivers a mind boggling 37 Kmpl! And 37 kms per litre of diesel!! Yes, 37 kmpl is what the South Korean manufacturer claims for the newly released 3 cylinder, 1.1 Litre common rail turbo diesel motor that finds a home in the engine bay of the facelifted i20. Equipped with the 1.1 Liter U-II diesel engine, the new version of the car has been readied for the European market and the motor lets you play with the power of some 74 horses along with a pulling power of 152 Nm. This new gen motor is equipped with variable geometry turbocharger and a balancer shaft to keep the vibes in check. It may be noted that more vibrations are an inherent issue with three cylinder engines.  This engine has also been used in Hyundai i10 and the cousin- Kia Picanto. Another great aspect of this motor is the low CO2 emissions of 88g/Km.

With our car market being obsessed with ‘kitna deti hai?’, it is a matter of time before Hyundai decides to spoil us silly by bringing this motor to the country.

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