2012 Honda Civic marred by issues, may get an upgrade by 2012 end

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Honda, a company which once made its name globally for being a pioneer in automotive technology and innovation, seems to be losing its sheen of late. The company, for at least the past five years seems to have lost its resplendence on the back of lackluster launches, lack of innovation and most importantly the lack of a mainstream diesel engine which can power its smaller cars in European and Asian countries.

In an unusual phase where Honda has not been launching any new exciting cars, the two models which have managed to grab some attention have been the 2012 Civic and the new CR-V. The Civic, which was received with a mixed response owing to its evolutionary design, not offering anything too exciting, seems to be falling behind its competitors in the international market. The car is still some distance away from being introduced in India, but Honda is reportedly already readying a facelift, which in all honesty is a tad too early for a launch this fresh.

Apparently the new Civic doesn’t dazzle the customers with its quality and handling as much as its predecessor, a reason why the sales are not a enticing as they were expected to be. If some reports are to be believed an upgraded version of the car addressing the issues will be released as early as by the end of 2012 – a little more than a year after the car was launched internationally.

We just hope that the iconic Japanese carmaker somehow manages to find its spark back and serve us with the kind of products which pushed it into the first row of car manufacturers across the world.

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