2012 Geneva Motor Show: Ssangyong Impresses with XIV-2 CUV Concept

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SsangYong Motor Company is taking forward its design reputation with every passing auto show. The Korean carmaker, owned by Indian Mahindra & Mahindra has unveiled its XIV-2 convertible CUV (crossover utility vehicle). Talk about creating segments within cross segments!

XIV-2, short for eXciting User Interface Vehicle 2 has its philosophical DNA as a ‘fun vehicle’. Ssangyong thinks that an advanced convertible roof would allow an open top experience, and give the passengers a ‘wind in the hair’ experience for enhanced fun. It’s comparable to B-segment cars in size, but retains its rugged SUV DNA, and has been designed across global design clinics to appeal to young drivers in their twenties.

Ssangyong XIV-2

The XIV-2 will be equipped with Euro VI compliant 1.6 petrol and diesel engines mated to six speed manual or automatic transmission. The car will have an Stop/Start system to save fuel while idling. XIV-2 will be launched in various body styles including 5 door, 3 door, coupé and an extended body version.

SsangYong XIV-2 features a fabric roof with a one-touch automatic operating system to provide open air driving experience. SsangYong XIV-2’s cabin controls are integrated into one central system and managed using a centre console mounted screen. The system can connect with the user’s smartphone and other devices to enable the users to stay connected on the go.

Ssangyong XIV-2

SsangYong’s design philosophy focuses on conveying ‘driving fun’ through its experimental and progressive design spirit. Just as XIV-2 reflects SsangYong’s design principle now, the same ethos will be displayed in all future concept vehicles.



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