2012 Expo: No bikes at Bajaj Auto, RE60 showcased

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Bajaj Auto strongly showcased their entry into the 4-wheeler market by keeping an exclusive four-wheeler stall this time. There were no Bajaj, KTM or Kawasaki bikes on display this time around. The recently unveiled RE60 four wheeler was displayed in green and yellow colours. Here are a few details about the new four wheeler from Bajaj auto followed by a detailed image gallery

  • A light weight and robust monocoque metal – polymer hybrid structure
  • Water cooled DTSi 4 valve engine with a closed loop fuel injection system for better fuel efficiency and performance
  • Bajaj claims a test fuel efficiency of 40kmpl, and expects the real world efficiency to be in the region of 35kmpl. Also, safely expect a CNG version.
  • Low friction mechanicals for least power loss
  • The top speed of the car is apparently ‘limited to’ 70 kmph
  • Turning circle radius 3.5 meters (whoa!)
  • Seating capacity is interesting: You can have the passengers seated in a 2+2 or 1+3 orientation based on the interior type.
  • Length x width x height = 2752 x 1312 x 1650 mm
  • The new car, or the new four wheeler, as Bajaj puts it, will come equipped with front and rear seat belts, solid doors and hard top, which the official statement calls ‘features’
  • Tagline – A small, simple solution, to combat pollution!
  • A CNG variant of the car would also be made available.


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