2012 Auto Expo: Vespa showcases MP3 hybrid ‘reverse’ trike and LX125 scooter



We just fought our way through a crowd of school kids, housewives, college goers and couples to enter Vespa’s hall at the ongoing 2012 Auto Expo, New Delhi.The iconic scooter maker showcased the  MP3 Hybrid reverse trike and the 125cc LX125 scooter at the Expo.

MP3 hybrid

Piaggio at Auto Expo 2012 (10)

MP3 is a trike but with a twist, or should we say, a flip! First of all, this one isn’t your usual trike, it has two wheels at front and one at the rear, unlike the regulation trikes which are the vice versa. Second, this one can lean around the corners in a very 2 wheeler fashion. Thirdly and most importantly, this trike should find a lot of favor from the environmentalists as this interesting trike is propeeled by hybrid powertrains.


Piaggio at Auto Expo 2012 (2)

This 125cc 2 wheeler is not merely a scooter, it is no less than a lifestyle. Chances are the your Dad and maybe Granddad too have spent a considerable time riding many Vespa clones that have been plying on Indian roads in form of Bajaj or LML scooters. It may be noted that Bajaj has ceased manufacturing scooters and LML scooters seem to be dying a slow death.Our sources say that this lifestyle vehicle will be priced significantly higher than the Indian scooters that were on sale in the past.

We expect the MP3 hybrid trike and LX125 scooter to be launched in March this year.

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