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LoneWolfRides? : Re-Initiation to Biking

03 August 2010 - 10:01 AM


It was the 3rd of January 2010, I was riding back from Pune to   Bangalore. The past year had been super eventful on the biking front. I   had to been on numerous different trips and a 2 week sojurn to Ladakh   too. My riding abilities had considerably improved and I was a on a all   time high. Just a week before I had done a successful Bangalore-Mumbai   run covering about 1000+ kms in around 13 hours comfortably. And I   believed the return ride would be boring, but a cakewalk.

That was not to be, lady decided to frown upon me that fateful day. For a   day that started out riding with 16 other bikers from Pune it ended up   being one of the worst days of my life. Me and my dear friend Veda  split  up from the group of 16 others after breakfast and we headed on  our way  south towards Bangalore. I was doing speed in excess of the 80  Kmph  speed limit close to 110-120 kmph. But the visibility on these  arrow  straight roads was something that din't let me down. About a  kilometer  away I spotted a lady with a bunch of wood on her head  wanting to cross  the road. I immediately lowered my speed to a much  more controllable  60Kmph, and after started alternating between the  horn and pass light to  indicate my coming. I had two fingers on the  front brakes too just a  precautionary measure. As I neared here, what  happened in the next 3-4  seconds is just a blur of images in my head.  The lady actually ran  across the road at the last moment, there was  little time that I don't  even remember hitting the breaks. I went and  hit her head on at probably  50-60Kmph.

What happened from then on was just a blur, from villagers threatening   me with machette's, to whirlwind tours of a village police station,   hospitals and district courts. It was a horrible time, and thanks to the   support some really really helpful people around me I managed get out   of there the next to next day. I was mostly unhurt except for a few   bruises here and there, my bike was rideable too, me and Veda took a   quick call to ride back to Bangalore. I would have had too come back   later for the court hearings and all the mess in life that these things   bring with them. But I was happy that atleast nothing extremely major   happened, to the lady, to me and to my ride. But even that miniscule   amount of happiness was short lived.

On way back we stopped over at Davangere, about 250Kms short of   Bangalore for lunch. Here we got pulled over by cops and detained by   police on account of being terrorism suspects. It was just a stupid move   just to harass us. To think about it, why would a terrorist turn up in  a  flashy bike with riding gear completely standing out of the crowd.   Anways 2 hours later with mind completely irritated on two counts, 1.   Mindless harassement by the police 2. Delay caused due to this meant we   ride in the dark, and my bike did not have a headlight post the crash.   But still atleast we were free and on our way back home. I had just   about had enough of seeing the indoors of Police stations. Again lady   luck was frowning on us....

A few kilometers out of Davangere, an errant state transport bus took a U   turn from the extreme left lane to cut across to the other side much  to  Veda's surprise who was in the process of overtaking the bus. I was   just a few meters behind Veda and I actually saw him TBone the bus at   80Kmph in slow motion. All I could do is scream inside my helmet. I   rushed to pick up Veda from the crash site and put him on the side of   the road. Riding gear saved him mostly, except for I could see visible   see that he had broken his left thigh bone. Cutting a long story short,   my worst nightmare had just gotten worse. Again without the help of  some  wonderful friends I would not have made it through this ordeal.  Veda  was sucessfully operated a few days later at an hospital in  Davangere,  he now has an steel reinforced thigh bone.

The next few weeks were trying times for the both of us, Veda had to   deal with an all new way to live life going forward. I had to deal with   the mess of our Legal system, Healthcare system and worst still the   Police force. It took me about 2 more visits to the place where I had   crashed to wrap up the legal and healthcare matters. It would not have   been possible due some really wonderful people out there in Pune who   extended so much help to me. A special thanks to Alok aka Inflammable, Vishwas aka Trustvishwas, Rohan aka TenHut, Niranjan Vaidya and Praveen  aka Hydroxide. No amount of words can express how grateful I am to you guys for being right there through the worst days of my life.

It was a slow progress for me going forward, the shock of these 3   incidents had left me too scared to even cross the road, leave alone   riding a bike. It took me a few days to get back onto the bike, it took   me even longer to get back to riding normally. About 4-5 months after   the incident I did a small group ride and I could feel my confidence   return partly. It took another ride with about 80 other fellow bikers to   completely get comfortable with riding my bike with as much ease as   before. But still something was missing, I was still scared to ride the   way I usually rode. Hard and fast, but not rashly and above all doing   this alone on a highway.

Finally after 7 months of staying in hiding I decided its time I break the shell and fight back all my fears with one shot.....

...And Coorg Happened!!!

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550 Kms....12 Hours.....Yummy Food...and a bit more...Posted Image

Here I am.. :-)

22 February 2010 - 02:14 PM

Hi my fellow Biking Brothers (and perhaps Sisters too!)

Here's more about me :-

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My Ride and Me @ 18634 Feet, Marismek La the World's highest not so motorable road!