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In Topic: P220 projector problem

12 August 2010 - 12:05 PM

@Ricci: The Projector lens is made of glass. I have an old of mine opened up. The glass cracking thing was an issue with the older lots and then they did rectify it. But in certain batches the problem did resurface. If not in warranty period then the only option left is to replace it.

Dust can get in in larger quantities if the cotton filter on the back side of the head lamp assembly falls off. This is something that can happen over a period of time with the adhesive getting weak.

In Topic: Pulsar or Apache or FZ

06 August 2010 - 04:57 PM

Explorer said:

Pulsar Good Power,Nice ride quality, Good Mileage but only for Three Years
after that we all know know what happens to bajaj

What happens to Bajaj? :)

In Topic: LoneWolfRides? : Re-Initiation to Biking

04 August 2010 - 09:26 AM

sheelpriye said:


Not this year at-least.

Unsure about the two years which are to follow,(2011/2012)

Oh when you mentioned about the wedding season, I presumed it was your turn to get sacrificed at the altar this year too. :)

So are you into the wedding business then?

pulsurge said:

Lovely ride! Great weather, nice roads and sumptuous food...what does one need!

Thanks dude! :)

arn said:

The ONLY FIX is to confront the demons head on. By going to the accident site, alone, at roughly the same time of the day. It can feel really spooky when you do it, but once done that road can never intimidate you again, ever. Or any other road either.

Anyways, what you have done ( a long solo) will go pretty far towards that end as well.

Happy riding!

I completely agree with you sir! I actually did go to the spot about two months after the incident. I was driving back from Bombay to Bangalore. I did manage to drive about 750kms without too much of a hitch. But getting back into the saddle was a whole new ball game.

Anyways, All's well that ends well! :)

In Topic: LoneWolfRides? : Re-Initiation to Biking

03 August 2010 - 12:28 PM

sheelpriye said:

^^ more than free in rainy season, not so when wedding season in full gusto.

You're getting tied down too this year right? :P

In Topic: LoneWolfRides? : Re-Initiation to Biking

03 August 2010 - 12:02 PM

sheelpriye said:

I was wondering about what happened to Tripathy Jee and his rides.

I didn't know you suffered this much and it was of this magnitude.

Interested in knowing about Veda, how is he? can he ride?

^^The first shunt could have been avoided(this is what I feel after reading your account), but what matters most is all 3 escaped w/o much damage.

Waiting for the log and photos :)

Veda has completely recovered now, he can ride and rides to work daily. But he is not back to bike touring, only cage touring for him as of now.

I thought about it over and over again, the only way I could have avoided the first crash was if I would known telepathically that she'd dart across the road a few seconds before I reach her. I was doing 60 Kmph in a 80 Kmph zone with brakes in my fingers, but she din't give me time to react even. As I mentioned earlier, I din't even hit the brakes.

Silver Phantom said:

similar incident had happened to me in another village. fortunately for me a young gun from the village was with me pillion (whom i had agreed to give a lift). after the accident i asked him to accompany the lady to the nearby hospital. but fortunately there was no police case of any kind. same words for me "SHIT HAPPENS" all you need to do is keep moving forward.
Nice Ride, Nice Write.
Please accompany me to the restaurant where you ate the pork. it looks yummy enough to make me salivate in office :P

Good to hear that you did not have to deal with the abysmal legal system in our country.

About the Pork restraunt, sure thing! Just let me know when you're heading there :)

sheelpriye said:

Had done a similar ride two-weeks back, but Momos were very cheap(Rs.20/plate) but thupkas weren't available.

You need to ride to ride.:)

^Rains for sure have magic instilled in them. Planning to do a small-ish ride before the monsoons are over.

Any more rides planned? With thupkas/momos/pork, I thought you came to NE.

The pics inside the restaurant have come real good.

Momo's get progressively more expensive the further away they are from their motherland :D

Yes more rides definitely planned and waiting for weekends to be excuted. NE plans are also out there with Ladakh being throw into the bin this year. Lets see how things come up, will keep you posted for sure. Purnea is just a small deviation along the route ;)

Glad you liked the pictures!