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Off line

31 March 2010 - 12:18 PM

Starting from Tomm evening for about a fortnight. Net connectivity would be on & off.

Requested to bear with me during this period of time.

Guide lines on how to post query :

21 March 2010 - 05:35 PM


It my pleasure to attempt to reply to all possible technical queries that are posted on this sub forum.

However I have one request.

If the queries are not related, kindly start a new thread under a new topic. This would help in better search just in case any one needs to execute.

It would also help if we could put in some data before the actual query is posted

the Data could contain

Vehicle Make: Pulsar
Model type: 180 DTSi UG-3
Year of Mfg:2009
Kms run :12809

Query : i am facing the following issues....... or your query in reality.

This would effectively reduce the data search time & would help in retrieving  information quickly to reply.

Hope this helps :D

Two Days & Eight different Cars

13 March 2010 - 07:29 AM

It all Began on Last sunday after noon.....

An Innovative Photographer friend brought his Nano to our place to get in touch with other friends.

I happened to take it out for a small spin in the city & was impressed with the following

1. The external dimensions of the car
2. Internal detailing & space management
3. Engine Torque for city driving & the effect of A/c on the same
4. Braking quality
5. Ease of use inside the city
6. Engine grunt & overall noise level

Though it does produce vibes at higher rpm's i guess the same could be brushed under the carpet considering the overall package of this tiny new age people's car :)

Monday : 10 am, My brother in law wanted to finalize on his new car. He seemed to have narrowed down on Tata too....

Considering his requirements, three cars under the Tata FIAT banner were fitting the bill

1. Indica Vista
2. FIAT Punto
3. Indigo Manza

Indica Vista was some thing which I had driven an year ago & I was all impressed by the progress it had made (considering that we own a 2004 Indica V2 DLX, which has run 69,000Kms) so Brushed it aside

FIAT Punto Diesel Emotion Pack was the next to hit the road.... it felt like a sports car, with smooth acceleration & great braking & road holding.

It instilled confidence in driving the same & Loved every minute of driving it for the 55 minute test drive inside the city.

Indigo Manza : First it was the Petrol which hit the street, though it was a good performer, our heart & mind were still tilting towards the Diesel for the simple reason

1. Volumetric efficiency of Diesel Engine are always higher compared to Petrol engine

2. The Personal Saga of Rudolf Diesel himself & the mysterious demise of the great man.

Diesel had its own pit falls like lower degree of acceleration & higher noise inside the cabin (with the windows rolled down), but felt good for the reasons mentioned above.

What impressed me were the quantum of features rolled into the car for the price that a customer pays & the Service interval confidence.

Finally left Perspectives with my Bro-in-law & asked him to decide on which one he'd want to pick


22 January 2010 - 06:58 AM

Name : Venkat Shyam

Nick : Venkat / Shyam

Age  : 42

Occupation : Eat, Drink, Breath, Have fun with Automobiles. Btw get paid too for having fun.

Location : Bangalore

Your current ride/drive : Safari 4X4

Other interests : Traveling, Enjoying nature.

A few lines about you : An Automobile engineer by Qualification, Training & profession.

Currently in the last leg of my Educational Sabbatical at India's Premier Management Institution. Hoping to get back to Real world in the next few weeks.