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#17175 Rynox Saddlebags And Tankbags(Magnetic And Nonmagnetic)

Posted arn on 03 March 2012 - 08:48 PM

I had a look at the tankbags as well as the saddlebags. This is not a review, these are my first impressions, made after mounting them all on my bike.

The saddlebags.

The "separate" 2 velcro + 3 adjustable straps (behind, above and below the rear cowl) give it  enormous positional flexibility regardless of the bike it is placed on. This means after the initial trial and error to set the strap lengths, you will have bags that will conform properly to the bike, and won't hop around and slide from side to side. The shape, deeper in front and shallower at the rear also means that it clears the exhaust by several inches, no chance of touching it while still having plenty of usable depth   in front. When not extended they are just 3" wider than the riders knees which should make slicing traffic fairly event free. The easy to put on rain covers should guarantee waterproof behaviour and keep them clean too. Reflective strips on the rain covers would be nice, though. The bag already has clearly visible wide reflective stripes on the rear. It looks and feels robust, and there is a strip inside to help it maintain shape when empty. The belts to carry tripods/tent poles/other tubular objects is a nice touch.

The rest of the features are there in the description, I will not go into that, and not having used it I really cannot say how it would respond to a 3000km trip. However, If I do go in for a saddlebag, I'd give this item very serious thought.

The larger tankbag

Again, build quality looks good, and it is not overly big. Some bags have side pockets which can interfere with the handle on bikes like the ZMA = this will not - but the intelligent shape means it is still not short of space. When extended it can hold a helmet. What I like are the backpack straps that have their own pocket to fold back into - it means that they will not be flapping around in the wind, neither do you have to disconnect and stow them away each time. Personally, I hate magnets - they allow too much movement when the bike bounces on bad roads, I prefer to strap the bag into place - once set, they stay there. The map pocket is very useful too, at least you do not have to open flaps to check after you pull over. Nice large easy to catch (with gloves) pull tabs ion the zips. I have a good tankbag at present but the backpack conversion is tempting....

@RyYNOX : Perhaps you could attach a pic of the items mounted on the CBR?

#18840 Rynox Saddlebags And Tankbags(Magnetic And Nonmagnetic)

Posted pulsurge on 01 June 2012 - 12:32 PM

Just to add, I was mightily impressed by the quality of the tank bag. I'm sold for the tank bag and will get the saddlebags too.

#18730 Rynox Saddlebags And Tankbags(Magnetic And Nonmagnetic)

Posted pulsurge on 30 May 2012 - 05:10 PM

Thought to post this pic. The Rynox Tank bag being used as a tail bag on Sanket's Duke...looks good.

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