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#20607 Badrinath-Mana-Hemkundsahib- Just Before The Calamity

Posted L.P. on 09 July 2013 - 02:48 PM

The headlines could have been something like this : " 3 फोटोग्राफरऔर1 स्टंटर लापता! "

though we escaped with a matter of 15 minutes

It was an year, my duke hadn't seen the border, yes another 18,000kms only in city riding, nowhere else, it was time to take it out for small trip but a challenging we.

We were 4 people, Tirlochan Singh Bamrah - MTV Stuntmania Winner, HarvarinderSingh - Award Winning Wedding Photographer, Peyush Baranwal - Another Photographer, and Your's Truly.

It started off with a simple intention to reach Hemkund Sahib, See the Gurdwara, and be back in One Week and One day (8days), as India Meteorological Deptt claimed heavy rains the next week.

We started off from Delhi 8th June and came back on 15th June, and we did it.

It was raining and a lot of riding, so less pictures according to me, however, you guys would get ample to see.



#16687 Need Suggestion For A Helmet Upto 3 K

Posted AMG on 22 January 2012 - 11:30 AM


What makes ALL of them so shit?

Ohkay. I will answer that question, even though I had no intention to answer it.

Look, to me, Vega and LS2 are like Chinese mobile phones. All flashy and good looking, but then totally unreliable and unsafe and shit build quality.

So I would appreciate suggestions except these two brands.

Looked at cross helmets, but then any other options to consider?

And as for the language thingy, I guess I said nothing wrong.

I didnt call you an idiot. i didnt call you a fucktard. I just asked why were you so irritated? The fucking was an adjective attached to irritated and not to you.