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Since morning today, we have been decoding the Hero Motocorp 5 product showcase for you. The Indian two-wheeler maker, the largest in the world, is on the verge of terminating its technological contract with Honda after deciding to go solo in India a couple of years back. Today’s product showcase showed us a bold new face of Hero Motocorp – quite unlike what we have known it for. Hero Motocorp HX250R, RNT, Leap, and Dash are products which represent innovation and a will to experiment – and we love Hero Motocorp for what they have shown us today.


Hero-Motocorp-HX250R-motorcycle-images-5-600x399 motoroids-pramotion-728

Hero-Motocorp-HX250R-motorcycle-images-5-600x399 motoroids-pramotion-728 LRExport4.4-0723-600x399

Hero Motocorp has till now been known to spawn alleged ‘new’ products from old Honda platforms. Facelifts, sticker jobs and cosmetic changes have pretty much been the story with the Indian brand, when it comes to fresh products. Today’s showcase was a polar opposite of what we expected from the Indian bikemaker. A brand new 250cc liquid-cooled single (HX250R Motorcycle), an India first diesel hybrid scooter (RNT), another serial hybrid scoot (Leap) and a brand new petrol powered machine – Hero gave us Indians enough to be proud today. We have reported in detail about the products mentioned above. You can read all about them by clicking on the links provided below. This is followed by the official statement by Hero Motorcorp about these products, followed by a huge image gallery to let you feast your eyes on all these incredible products!

Hero Motocorp HX250R complete details and images

Hero Motcorp RNT Diesel Hybrid complete details and images

Hero Motocorp Leap Hybrid scooter complete details and images

Hero Mocorp Dash Scooter complete details and images

Hero Motocorp Xtreme Sports details and images



Speaking at the unveiling event of the new Hero Motocorp products, PawanMunjal Managing Director & Chief Executive Officer, Hero MotoCorp Ltd. said

Hero-Motocorp-HX250R-motorcycle-images-5-600x399 motoroids-pramotion-728 LRExport4.4-0723-600x399 Hero-MotoCorp-HX250R-1-600x397

“This is the dawn of a new era, indeed a significant milestone in the exciting journey that we set out on a little over two years ago. We had then promised to bring a range of all-new products and innovations that will unlock a New Age of technologically superior and youth-focused two-wheelers. Today, we are living up to that commitment by unveiling the first of our own product range on completely new platforms, developed by our diversified pool of human talent with the power of game-changing breakthrough technologies, intellectual creativity and innovations.

“This is indeed yet another example of the India Story – the successful pursuit of our engineers to scale new technology frontiers on their own and leverage the best of technologies available around the world to make superior products which will cater to different geographies around the globe. And still, what we are showcasing here today is just a glimpse of the range of products that we are developing. There’s more to come – a slew of products, including new Concepts which you will get to see at the Delhi Motor Show in February.”

HX250R – The ALL-NEW 250-cc Sports Bike

Hero-Motocorp-HX250R-motorcycle-images-5-600x399 motoroids-pramotion-728 LRExport4.4-0723-600x399 Hero-MotoCorp-HX250R-1-600x397 Hero-Motocorp-Auto-Expo-2014-4-600x399

Featuring a slim agile seating position, high-tech engine and world class sport chassis, the Hero HX250R has all the attributes to deliver the perfect light weight sports bike experience. With its high performance liquid-cooled balanced engine and advanced multi-sensor electronic fuelling, the HX250Rcan deliver best-in-class performance, while also being refined and fuel efficient around town. Surely, this new motorcycle comes packaged to delight every passionate sporting rider.

Hero-Motocorp-HX250R-motorcycle-images-5-600x399 motoroids-pramotion-728 LRExport4.4-0723-600x399 Hero-MotoCorp-HX250R-1-600x397 Hero-Motocorp-Auto-Expo-2014-4-600x399 Copy-of-LRExport4.4-0747-600x399

An aerodynamic styling, six-speed transmissionand lightweight mass centralized chassis make the HX250R incredibly responsive in all riding conditions. The geodesic tubular chassis integrates the engine as a stressed member, and allows full control of its modern 17” sports bike wheels and tires. The entire package results in spectacularly good handling and stability for riders of every skill level.

When it’s time to stop the riding fun, you can trust the linked brake system featuring powerful Brembo design hydraulic callipers gripping the 300 mm front and 220mm rear brake rotors.

For the discerning riders, the HX250R also comes with an optional latest ABS technology.


Hero-Motocorp-HX250R-motorcycle-images-5-600x399 motoroids-pramotion-728 LRExport4.4-0723-600x399 Hero-MotoCorp-HX250R-1-600x397 Hero-Motocorp-Auto-Expo-2014-4-600x399 Copy-of-LRExport4.4-0747-600x399 Hero-RNT-Diesel-Hybrid-Scooter-600x399

RNT is the proof that handsome and hard-working can really go together.We know many motorcyclists need capacity and power to haul heavier loads, but they also want to be comfortable, fuel-efficient and stylish.When no solutions exist, well that’s the kind of challenge that we love to take on.

Presenting the striking new Concept of RNT! The wide flat loading surfaces with strap bars, as well as multi-use folding side racks, a large comfortable seat and spacious footboards are the new looks never seen on a motorcycle before!

Under the surface, there is just as much that is new, exciting and practical. Power comes from a high torque 150cc diesel, with optional turbocharger, so the RNT can muster all roads fully loaded.

The RNT also has options galore. First of all, you can add an accessory oversize generator which along with the diesel engine allows you to deliver extra electrical power for work (or play) at a remote site. The optional removable LED lamp in front of the dash can be unclipped and re-aimed to light up wherever you are, so you can carry on into the night.

Hero-Motocorp-HX250R-motorcycle-images-5-600x399 motoroids-pramotion-728 LRExport4.4-0723-600x399 Hero-MotoCorp-HX250R-1-600x397 Hero-Motocorp-Auto-Expo-2014-4-600x399 Copy-of-LRExport4.4-0747-600x399 Hero-RNT-Diesel-Hybrid-Scooter-600x399 Hero-Motocorp-RNT-diesel-hybrid-1-600x399

That’s not all…there’s even more! Another option is a hub electric motor in the front wheel which is powered by an electric battery pack, to give the rider a unique two-wheel drive option for the toughest world conditions and also the possibility to shut off the rear drive and move to the city on electric power front-wheel-drive only.

And with this unique design, even more optional accessories will be available. Hero RNT shows there’s a whole new future waiting for the rider and it’s not a fantasy, it’s about the reality of life – delivering real utility and fun for our customers that we can and will do.

Next page for official details on more products and a HUGE Image Gallery >>>

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  1. HX 250R seems like a genuine effort to design a stunning 250cc sports bike… from these pics it is quite obvious that the bike is high on the X-factor! Your text is perfect is describing Hero as a “sticker-job” expert — but now they seem to be transforming themselves into a manufacturer with an exciting portfolio !