3 Tata Nano cars caught being tested in Pune

There has already been some news of Tata Nanos being tested in and around Pune. Now recently, the good folks at Motorbash managed to capture not one but as many as three Tata Nano cars being tested together. The trio was caught at Hinjewadi Phase 3 in Pune.

On some following, it was found by the emerging website that all three variants of the car viz Standard, CX and LX were being tested. On talking a bit to the driver, it was revealed that they were testing the fuel efficiency of the car. As for the Nano diesel, all the driver revealed was that it will take time for it to make it to the markets. There is no hiding from the fact for Tata that the Nano’s journey been far from being smooth. First, much respected Mamta Banerjee threw a huge hurdle in the manufacturing of the car, second, the car came at a price much above the promised 1 lakh magical figure and lastly and unfortunately, at least half a dozen Nano cars decided to go up in flames. Now, we do have an improved version of the super compact that promises to be far more reliable and sorted out and we hope that all these regular testing and development works in favour of the potential Nano buyers.  

via motorbash.com


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Vijay Srivatsan

Hyundai is taking its fluidic design concept so seriously that they've made the central console of the dash look as though its melting Overall better looking than its predecessors and amazing power figures! Hope they have a chassis capable enough to harness all that power though....


2 litre turbopetrol making 275PS!! tats almost WRC kinda figures!wonder if such extreme turbos wil make it to wats basically a very 'slow speed' market like india,n even if it does,its gonna burn a hole through the low maintenance cost image that Hyundai has in india.


Not sure if this is the one I saw in B'lore Chennai highway. It had a name i45 and looked similar to recently launched verna. I feel the car is much smaller to what is seen from outside. As i see the car, i tend to believe the interiors much spacious than the previous ver of sonata. But in actual there do not seem to be that much space.. Is this what fluidic ?